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When is YOUR rebuild complete?

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When is YOUR rebuild complete?

I'm thinking that the time is getting very near, that i must consider my rebuild complete. I still have some negative information on my reports, 3 collections accounts with balances between 200 and 1000, but none will delete if paid, and they age off in 12-18 months so i see no point in taking a score dip to pay them. I also have 5 lates on my mortgage that wont go away until around 2022, but that mortgage account will be closed soon.


I started this journey in July of 2016 with scores in the 580's. Im currently in the 680's-690's on my fico08's. I've picked up some nice new credit cards from AMEX, PNC, and Syncbank. Im refinancing my home from a 30 year at 5.375% down to a 15 year at 3.375%. closes in June.


I've received pfd on a few accounts, and settlements to show zero balance on a few. No goodwill letters worked for me. I see no point in begging over and over. My scores are high enough to do and get everything i wanted. To be honest, i was kind of hoping to hit the 700's but i don't see that happening for a while, probably another year or so. im currently at 14 months since my last negative info hit my reports. Perhaps at 2 years, ill pick up the points to hit the 700's.


Since july there have been times i was frustrated, but i hung in there for the most part, and accomplished what i needed to do. Thanks to all, for the support and advice during this time. I will be checking in on the forum frequently to try to help others with the information i have learned.


My rebuild is compete.


When is YOUR rebuild complete?

Last app 1/2/2017.
In the garden until at least 6/2/2017.
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Re: When is YOUR rebuild complete?

I've been thinking about this lately too ... like you, I have three collections accounts, all of which are under $500 each. One is reporting each month, so I know I'll pay that one, and one is a medical bill, so I'll pay that, but the other one will fall off in 2019, so I'm just going to leave that one alone. 


I have a mortgage that is paid on time. I have around $12K in available credit, and was just approved for an AMEX Blue Cash Everyday earlier this week. I'm in the mid to high 600s depending on which report you pull, and while my UTI is a bit high right now, around 40%, I'm paying most if not all of it off except for three accounts I have promotional, no interest purchases on, but that we are paying each month. 


I think when my UTI drops, I'll see a decent little bump, not to mention when the AMEX starts reporting,. If I'm not at 700, I'll be very close. I would say that when my scores all hit 700, I'd consider my rebuild complete. It's also nice knowing that when a store clerk offers me a "discount" if I apply while checking out, I could say yes and be approved on the spot. 


So I'd guess my rebuild is almost complete. It was hard work, it took awhile, but in the end it was worth every effort and I actually got to a point where I enjoyed the thrill of seeing my score bump up. 


Now I get to do it all again with my wife's credit Smiley Happy 


Congrats on your rebuild! 

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Re: When is YOUR rebuild complete?

Congrats on your rebuild!


I have prime cards (BCE, Delta gold, Discover it, etc) and am nearing 700 across the board, but won't consider my rebuild complete until about 2020.


Waiting for:

1) Student Loan lates fall off 2019/2020

2) All of my existing inquiries are gone 2018/2019

3) AAoA rebounds from rebuild 

4) Current debt consolidation loan is repaid

5) 750+ scores (I want 800s!)

11/2017: EX 704 | TU 720 | EQ 672 -- Starting (2/2016): 630 | 620 | 580 -- INQs: 17 | 26 | 28 (last 6 months: 5 | 2 | 6)
AMEX Delta: $10k, Marvel: $8k, Discover IT: $7.2k, AMEX BCE: $6k, Target MC: $5k, PayPal 2%: $8k, CO QS: $2.6k, Merrick: $1.6k, Barclay's NFL Rewards: $1k, CO BuyPower: $500. And a mix of well-loved store cards.
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Re: When is YOUR rebuild complete?

I'm basically in the same boat as OP. I've worked hard on my scores for 2 years. Made good on my past debts, some deleted, some didn't - but they show paid in full $0 balance. My last baddie is paid, just waiting for it to update with credit. This should put me over 700. I have the credit cards I want....and I have to say it feels good to get credit offers in the mail again. 


For me, I have done everything I can, so now I just nurture what I have and let time do its thing. 

Starting Score:Low 500s in 2013
Current Score 5-1-18: TU: 803 EX: 796 EQ: 778
Goal Score: 800 Across the Board
In My Wallet: Cap1 QS1 - Cap1 BuyPower - PenFed Power Cash Rewards - PenFed Promise - AmEx Delta Gold - AmEx Green - DISCO - NFCU Cash Rewards

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Re: When is YOUR rebuild complete?

My credit rebuild will be complete when I am finished fixing the last items on my credit report.   I have 2 small medical collections that the CA is removing and I am also waiting on NFCU to report my auto refinance.  Those are the last 2 items I am working on.  After that, I will garden until next Spring.  I have a Ch 13 bk (and 2-3 associated accounts) and a tax lien on TU that will drop off by next May.  


I've obtained all the credit I need at this point.  I've got 2 retail cards, 5 credit cards, a CLOC and my auto loan.  My goal is to be in the mid to high 700's when my bk drops.

EQ 679 EXP 700 TU 763
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Re: When is YOUR rebuild complete?

2 dates I am always aware of:

  1. 2 year post discharge (Dec 2017)
  2. BR13 falling off all CRA's (Aug 2018)
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Re: When is YOUR rebuild complete?

Mine is complete and has been for some time. My last negative was wiped away in Jan 2015 and my score is north of 770 so officially I am done. I stick around to help out others with what I have learned and play whack-a-mole with trolls. Smiley Wink

"If there's a lack of money in your life, understand that feeling worried, envious, jealous, disappointed, discouraged, doubtful or fearful about money can never bring more money to you, because those feelings come from a lack of gratitude for the money you have."

"Reactions are powerful creators because they contain every element needed to manifest—they're a combination of thought, belief, and feeling in action. Positive reactions create more positive things, and negative reactions create more negative things. If you can respond to negative situations calmly and lightly, instead of with emotional turbulence, what happens next in your life will be so much better."

- Rhonda Byrne
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Re: When is YOUR rebuild complete?

I'll consider miine truely complete when all negative information falls off. 2017 is a big year for me because I first got myself out of a hole in 2010 because my career took off and was able to stabilize my mortgage and huge medical bills from the birth of 2 kids. A lot of bad things fall off this year.


In 2013 my wife and I both got laid off from our jobs, we got divorced, and lost the house. As a result, my grand plan is now looking like complete will be in 2021.


Best of success to everyone rebuilding here, and congratulations for everyone who made it to their goals!

4/18/16 Starting VS3 Scores: EX: 494, EQ: 531, TU: 495
3/18/18 Current VS3 Scores: EX: 728, EQ: 731, TU: 724
FICO8 EX: 678, TU: 702
FICO9 EX: 719
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Re: When is YOUR rebuild complete?

When all the baddies are gone.  I have about a year left.  


I should be close to 800 then and will be back to where I was before all heck broke loose back in 2010-2011.


It takes time and patience,  but now that I've been on both sides of the credit spectrum






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Re: When is YOUR rebuild complete?

My rebuild will be complete when my student loan lates fall away and my AAoA comes up to exceptional.


I'm currently high 600's, like you, but below average is not where I want to be! 750+ will be my point where I feel like I can just take care of what I have and watch it grow.

EX08 659 EQ08 660 TU08 695 Starting: mid 300'sGoal: 700
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