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When is the best "time" of your Statement Period to PIF in order to Boost Credit Score

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When is the best "time" of your Statement Period to PIF in order to Boost Credit Score

I am in the process of building my credit history/score. I've been paying my current card off in full each month, sometimes twice a month.

I believe I've been going about it wrong tho. I do believe the Credit Bureau has been stating $0 Balance. The way I understand

I belive I should be showing a small balance, not to exceed 30% of my Available Credit Limit. I've just been working so hard to build that

I think I'm jumping the gun and PIF too soon. I'm just unsure if I should wait....log on to my account and check my statement for a Balance before paying.

This last statement showed $0 Balance and $0 Min due before "x" date and $300 available Credit.


Could someone please enlighten me with their expertise? 



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Re: When is the best "time" of your Statement Period to PIF in order to Boost Credit Score

I am not an expert on this, but I think the idea is to have a much lower balance - i.e., 1% - 5% utilization.  So 30% might be too high.  with a credit limit of $300, you need to show some activity - maybe spend about $20 a month and pay it off.


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