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When should I get a Secure card?

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When should I get a Secure card?

Paid back all my debt. Got 2/3's of it off my report by PFD and will do GW in a bit. When should I get a secure credit card?

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Re: When should I get a Secure card?

Awesome job getting that taken care of! I'm no expert, as I'm still trying to get some things off my CR, but I opened a US Bank secured card. I wanted to go ahead and get started with some positive revolving credit.

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Re: When should I get a Secure card?

The sooner you start with the positive revolving accounts, be it secured or not, the better. Your negatives will have a little less impact when you have positives to offset.

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Re: When should I get a Secure card?

I too promote building new good credit along with cleaning up old bad credit.  It makes for a healthier CR.

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