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Where can I get a secured loan?

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Where can I get a secured loan?

Hey Family,


Of course I am trying to rebuild my credit I am getting a SC Cap 1 card ($200 limit which I plan on getting to $1000), I also wanted to get a sc loan, since I have no credit right now. The only place I know of is my bank which is a credit union and doesn't report to all the agencies only EQ. Is there a place online or a major bank that you know of that would report to all 3?



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Re: Where can I get a secured loan?

IMO, I'd skip the loan and aim for another secured CC (or aim for unsecured if baddies are mostly removed). I'd skip it because you can easily hit into the 800s without one. The score value of an added loan is very low, unlike a CC.


If you wanted a secured loan, check with other banks and CUs in your area. Also look around in here; there are posts like this from time to time but I can't think of any examples off the top of my head on a national-level.



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Re: Where can I get a secured loan?

+1  A loan will give you an installment TL, however they don't factor that much into your CR.  Revolving accts. account for 35% of your score.  Go for another secured card, then garden them, your score will grow!  Good Luck!

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Re: Where can I get a secured loan?

Thanks for your help and thoughts on that, that is what I will do Smiley Tongue

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