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Where do I start?

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Where do I start?

Hi, I have been reading these forums and find the information quite educational.

I am here asking for help now. Life happens!
I don’t know how to fix my mess. Advice please!

I have a world finance loan that they are now reporting 150 days late despite me trying to make payments. THIS IS MY MOST CONCERING. Even if I make payments the continue to report as late as my balance jumped from $290 to $695. I have sent a letter offering to settle or modify the loan.
I have a One Main that is reporting but I am doing a loan modification with them.
Kohl’s/cap one charge off $571
Old navy/synchrony charge off $410
First credit services $187 (gym membership I cancelled, have been disputing, offered to settle even though I honestly don’t believe I owe it)
Southwest credit systems $356. (Wind stream and disputing as it was paid when cancelled)
Midland funding $448 collection
Jefferson Capital/Verizon $1332
Webbank fingerhut $1229 sold to someone else.
Wells Fargo dealer services. Charge off $7021. (Was over $514)
Capital one in good standing
Victoria’s Secret good standing
Santander. Good standing (when able want to refinance, interest rate too high)
Professional finance good standing
Great Lakes education good standing

TransUnion 551
Experian 523
Equifax 5160
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