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Where to Start/ Strategies

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Where to Start/ Strategies

Wanting to purchase a home and recently just discovered my credit is much worse than I anticipated. Apparently Ex didnt continue paying some bills.  I had previously had Financial Education Services (FES) work on clean up and dont see alot of progress from this process.Just discovered this forum. I think Im going to do this myself. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


TU has the following: Multiple errors in name/addresses. 

1.CO JC Penney Closed 9/12 CO Balance 839   Sold to Midland  Est Removal 5/19

2. CO Credit One Opened 5/15 CO Balance 592 Sold to Midland Est Removal 6/22

3. Coll Midland Collections  for above 2/16 

4. CO Key Bank Opened 12/05 CO Balance 5350 Sold to - not listed Est Removal 6/20

5. CO Bank of Missouri 6/15 CO Balance 427 Sold to JTM Capital   it notes 1st payment never received.  Est removal 6/22

6. Coll Online Information Services 11/17  from a utility company Est Removal 6/24

7. Coll Portfolio Recovery  Placed in Collection 1/17 original Capitol One Bal 496 Est Removal 6/22

8. Current CC with 1 30d late from 3/17


Experian: Also with errors in name/addresses

1.  CO Key bank Education. Opened 12/05 Bal reported 5/18 5348. Est Removal 4/20

2. CO Compass Bank. Opened 12/08 reported 2/12 Bal 33359. Est Removal 1/19

3. Credit Card 30d late 3/17 

4. CO Bank Missouri Opened 6/15.  Reported 6/15. $427 Transferred/Closed. 1st payment never received.  Est Removal not listed

5. Coll Midland. Opened 2/16. Reported 8/16. $592 Est Removal 4/22

6.Coll Portfolio Opened 1/17 Reported 5/17 Bal $496. Est Removal 4/22

7. Coll Online Collections Opened 11/17. Reported 12/17 $410 Est Removal 4/24

8.Car payment 2 30d late in Nov/Dec 17

9. CO USAA Opened 6/07. Reported 6/07 Bal 2319 Est Removal 2/21

10. CO Credit One . Opened 5/15. Reported 5/15. Bal $592 Est Removal  not listed

11. Coll Fidelity Properties. Opened 2/18. Reported 7/18. Medical bill of $69 (FIRST I HAD HEARD OF THIS ONE)

12. Coll Pioneer. Opened 10/09. Reported 12/09. $727 Est REmoval 7/19

Otherwise 23 positives. Mostly student loans. Oldest 2001.



1.  Online Information. Opened 11/17. Reported 8/18. $410

2. CO USAA. Opened 6/01. 1st Delinq 4/14 (reported 10/14). $2319

3. CO Compass Opened 12/08. 1st Delinq 12/11 $35980

4. CO Bank Missouri Opened 6/15. 1st delinq 7/15 $0

5. CO Key Bank Opened 12/05. 1st Delinq 7/13 $0

6. CO  Credit One Opened 5/15. 1st Delinq 7/15 $0

7.Coll Portfolio Opened 1/17 1st Delinq 7/15 $496

8. Midland. Opened 2/16. 1st Delinq 7/15 $592

9. CO USAA Opened 6/07.1st Delinq 4/14 2319


37 positives 



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Re: Where to Start/ Strategies

It is good that you are taking action to handle this yourself. You should stick to disputing clearly inaccurate or incomplete information. You may have to overcome and learn from your past errors.

Looking at this report you need three current trade lines that are 12 months or older with adequate credit score to qualify the credit aspect of a mortgage loan. You don’t have that at this time. You need to start reestablishing your credit. Your credit score is going to be low. First, if you have the ability to be an authorized user on a friends or families card, go that route. Activate by using one time and the party that puts you on will keep the card. If that is not possible, then you will need to go the route of a secured credit card. Capital One and USAA for military consumers both offer a good value card. Only use for monthly expenses that you can pay in full. After 12 months expand by repeating the process with a second card, etc. American Express. They also offer a secured card. Keep building good credit lines with low balances. Keep in mind if you don’t keep your debt load down you are going backwards instead of forward.

Enough positives will offset the negatives, especially as the negatives continue to get farther in the past and positives emerge in the present to exhibit renewed discipline.  To determine when the bad fall off, you go from the first date of delinquency to start the 7 ½ year clock to be removed. Do a work sheet and mark it on a calendar for each account. Verify by getting yourself the free Hard work will pay off. Good luck to you.

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Re: Where to Start/ Strategies

Do student loans which are all being paid on time count for tradelines? If so, I have multiple.

I also have a car payment and 2 CCs that are being paid on time. 

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