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Where to get Credit Reports/AFNI PFD Fail!

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Where to get Credit Reports/AFNI PFD Fail!

i have used all my "free credit reports" for the year i'm wondering where most of the community goes to get reports and how they keep track monthly of their scores and successes....PS. i emailed AFNI a PFD with a settlement offer, and they replied in less than an hour via email:


Dear Jolon,

Thank you for your inquiry.  Your account(s) will be reported to all 3 major credit reporting agencies as closed and paid after a payment of the balance(s) due post.  We do not exchange credit deletions for payments.


Customer Relations Specialist

Recovery Team │ Receivables Management

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Afni, Inc. 1310 Martin Luther King Drive

Bloomington, IL 61701

RecoveryTeam @




Today is my first ever PFD submission, my first day on the forum, but all of you fine people have inspired me!!! I will be emailing them every day on my lunch break until i get an answer i like.


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Re: Where to get Credit Reports/AFNI PFD Fail!

Send it again.  Also start a new thread and ask for Afni contacts.  Maybe someone has an executive or someone higher up the ladder than can make it happen.

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Re: Where to get Credit Reports/AFNI PFD Fail!

AFNI sucks (or they just randomly delete... obviously you had my luck). I sent every dv pfd every way fax email snail even called them. All of a sudden the other day they are gone so either they got tired of telling me no and shooting me down every way possible OR they sold it to someone else for the year and a half it has left on my CRs. Good luck! Persistence...

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