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Where to start?

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Re: Where to start?



APVA wrote:

Ahha  Tradeline (that's a handy dandy link in your sig)


This is what it says verbatim...  (it makes little sense to me)


A2  "APARTMENTCOMPLEXNAME"                YC298083     01/08 COL      $1600   04/06/08     O9  0   0   0

XPN 1518531                                                          Collection     04/08   1            UNKN      $1600                       1

         HIST -BEFORE 05/08   9


Subscriber may be contacted at 800-xxx-xxxx





A1   "LIBRARYNAME"                   YC 1980981        10/06   COL        $150    05/25/07    O9  0   0   0

XPN  5218863                               COLLECTION        02/07     1            UNKN     $150     $150          4

HIST BEFORE 06/07   9- - 9


Subscriber may be contactted at





A1 COLLECTION (this is literally what it says)          YC 049xv004    08/10   OPN   $500    07/12   O9

TU 6305637                                                                   PD COLLECTION            UNK    UNKN      $0      $0           1

HIST BEFORE 10/10      9

ChargeOff Date 07/01/2012


Subscriber may be contacted at


The Library info, I would try and do a PFD.  

The apartment complex, you need to call the company who put the collection and asked for two thingsa copy of the  original lease and the itemized deduction sheet.  Because its a contract agreement, depending on the state you live in it has an SOL, I don't know exactly how to assist unless you can state what is in the itemized deduction sheet, which you generally get forwarded to your new address that you provide to your landlord.  You can probably dispute it and pay nothing, or you might have to pay a portion of it, or all it.

 I had a similar situation, but the difference is I kept the original lease, had the itemized deduction sheet, and a whole lot of leverage.   It ended with it taken off my credit report, and my scores start going up from there.


That collection that was a charge off, need to call TU and give them the account number and customer service will tell you who the debtor is.  TU has been pretty good at that in the past.

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Re: Where to start?

The issue is the OP doesn't know who they are because of the way the report is written.

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Re: Where to start?

+1 guiness.   The information in this CR is insufficient.


    Start with pulling your FREE CR's from (ACR) . they tend to have more info on them, then ones from a 3rd   party.   The CR's from ACR, come directly from each of the CRA's. You can pull 1 Free CR from TU,EQ and EX every 12 months.


   Save your money and Don't Buy the Scores, they are what we call FAKO's.


Pull them from here like she suggested.

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Re: Where to start?

I have all 3 credit reports from the website.


I'll post the details of which later this evening.


I did figure out who the unknown debt was.


Thanks again for the help!

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Re: Where to start?

Here are the tradelines as listed on the reports:


(These are from TransUnion... is it important to paste what it says on the other two reports?   If so, I can)


EOS CCA #63056**
(800) 886­9177
Placed for collection:
Account Type:
Loan Type:
Individual Account
Open Account
Date Updated:
Last Payment Made:
Original Amount:
Original Creditor:
Pay Status: >Account Paid in Full; was a
Date Closed: 09/30/2010
Date Paid: 09/30/2010




This one is confusing because it was a Joint account with a roommate (and it says individual)  And I believe we didn't leave a balance...  





PO BOX 312125
ATLANTA, GA 31131­2125
(404) 629­9595
Placed for collection:
Account Type:
Loan Type:
Joint Account
Date Updated:
Open Account
Original Amount:
Original Creditor:
Past Due:
Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 11/2014
Pay Status:
APARTMENT (Rental/Leasing)



 I believe this was wrongfully charged.... They kept my security,  then apparently charged me what my security would have been.    I don't believe I have a copy of the lease.





This one is only reported on Experian





Address: Account Number: Original Creditor:
(866) 514­7649
Address Identification Number:
Status: Collection account. $146 past due as of May 2007.
Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on
record until May 2013.
Date Opened: Type: Credit Limit/Original Amount:
10/2006 Collection $146
Reported Since: Terms: High Balance:
02/2007 1 Months NA
Date of Status: Monthly Payment: Recent Balance:
02/2007 $0 $146 as of 05/2007
Last Reported: Responsibility: Recent Payment:
05/2007 Individual $0
Payment History:
Account History:
Collection as of May 2007, Feb 2007

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Re: Where to start?

So,  I'm not sure if I should dispute these?   I'm kind of afraid to do so...  If it is "verified" does it reset the 7 year count timer?


Also,  My student loan is about $350 underwater from a few years of financial forbearance and interest racking up...   How much does this hurt me?  Should I make a $400 payment to get the amount I owe less then what I borrowed?  What priority should this be?


I applied for a secured Cap One credit card (and was approved with a minimum security deposit)...   Should I apply for any others?   Should I do that right away or wait a month or so?



Thanks again for any help..  


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Re: Where to start?

To ease your mind, nothing resets the 7 year reporting time.


What state are you in?


For the first one listed - There is no balance on the account - paid in full.  You can send them a GW letter to ask for it's removal.


Second one - Look up your states landlord/tenant laws.  Make sure everything that was to be done when you left was.  Like a walk through etc.


The 3rd one is due to fall off in May.  I would just leave it alone for now.


I would wait to apply for more.

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Re: Where to start?

I currently live in Massachusetts... I recently moved here from NY.


The apartment is in Texas.


The utility company is in NY..  The weird thing about this account is .... I didn't pay it?  Who did?   It's just weird.  Does a goodwill letter go to the Utility company or the collection agency?


I checked the tenant laws in Texas... it doesn't say anything about a walkthrough.  Hmm.



Again thank you for the input,  it is appreciated.



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Re: Where to start?

The GW goes to the one reporting on the CR.  It is a CA reporting but it does say account paid in full.


I found this:


Not sure of the circumstances of why you left etc.




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Re: Where to start?

Thank you for the additonal link.  I'll read through today and tonight.


The lease was up, and ExHubs and I moved out... Nothing dramatic actually lol. Smiley Happy

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