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Where would my Repo show?

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Where would my Repo show?

I had some financial trouble, and decided i was going to file for Bankruptcy. I had been current on my auto loan when I spoke with my lawyer but I decided that I was going to let my car go because the loan didn't make sense for me. (almost 600 a month for a baseline civic...) So my lawyer told me to stop paying because it was money wasted if i was just going to let the car go. So I stopped paying, but it took much longer to file my bankruptcy that expected. My car was repo-ed in August, and we finally filed Bankruptcy in December. 


Now, as I am looking to the future, and not having a car, I am trying to see where my credit stands. (Obviously, not well, since I just did the bankruptcy.) However, when I look through my credit report, I don't see the repo. The only thing I see on the auto loan (through Redwood Credit Union) is "Chapter 7 Bankrutcy". 


Would my repo show on my base credit report or is it possible I would have to pull my "auto score" to see the repo? 

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Re: Where would my Repo show?

The creditor has the ability to continue to report delinquencies to the CRA up to the point where you file for BK.

If the loan was delinquent prior to BK filing, they can report the delinquency status, such as 120-late or CO, and can additionally report a repo if taken prior to the BK.

Filing of the BK does not then require removal of derogs that occured prior to the BK.


You were apparently lucky if they chose not to report delinquencies and derogs that occured prior to BK.

While they may have been able to report derogs, they may have chosen only to report the BK discharge to simplify reporting.


I would, however, recommend pulling your more comprehensive credit report from before assuming that your commerical credit report is complete, and they never reported delinquencies or the repo.

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