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Which direction should I take?

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Which direction should I take?

Have been reading these forums several weeks, and am already feeling more positive. Thanks for all the great information.


Received my Ex CR last week. 12 baddies, six of which are SLs that I am in process of rehabbing. Should be finished with rehabbing by the end of the year, for the most part, so this is in progress. Two are fairly large (over $1k) but four are small (under $100) each and would be easy to PIF/PFD. I also have been approved for a secured card with a small limit - the first CC I've had in at least 10 years, though.

This is the question I'm mulling: given that there are no positive TL's reporting, I'm eager to add another CC, even if it's a small secured one, just so I can start establishing some current TL's with low util and good history. BUT would it be better to start PFD-ing those small baddies instead? My income isn't terribly high, so I can't do both at the same time.


I have no real timeline for repair - would like to start thinking about a house, but am at least 2-3 years out from making any major moves on that. (I have a very very low score, the lowest I've seen yet on these forums,. Possibly a record-setter Smiley Sad but the consolation is that I have lots of time to work on this as long as I don't get all overeager and make a mistake someplace.)


So the best place to focus would be a positive TL, or start whacking the negatives?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Which direction should I take?

InvincibleSummer wrote:


So the best place to focus would be a positive TL, or start whacking the negatives?


My answer: Both.

If you can add another CC now, even if it's secured, do so.


This is a multi-tasking world. You can do both at the same time. Whacking the negatives will take some time, so why not try to build positive tradelines now that you know what you're doing and how to do it?


And you know you want a house in 2-3 years... start saving for a DP as well. Use your new credit responsibly. Don't give up on whacking every single negative.


Good luck.

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Re: Which direction should I take?

I would open the new TL. and keep taking care of the baddies one by one. I look at it like burning the candle from both wicks instead of 1.

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