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Who's Obsessed?

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Re: Who's Obsessed?

I just got kicked out of Shogun's OCD class. He is paying for me to go to Paris for a month. Smiley Very Happy He said I need to relax and not worry about anything. I said thanks BUDDY!!!




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Re: Who's Obsessed?

Same here. First thing I check in the morning is Scorewatch to see if there is any update. So the day starts and ends with monitoring credit report etc. 


Again, it shows commitment towards a better Credit History, so it all good.


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Re: Who's Obsessed?

meSmiley Happy

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Re: Who's Obsessed?

I am too!!!!

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Re: Who's Obsessed?



If anybody is going to France,,, It's me and the DW,,, but you guys can go with us!

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Re: Who's Obsessed?

Hilarious! I gladly raise my hand! Me!! Smiley Very Happy I even purchased an accordian file holder that looks like a brief case. I house every letter, dunning notice, etc. I can find related to a CA. I read the forum from my iphone, home, work everywhere. The thing I realized is; no one will fight for you as hard as you!


In this war on credit, you are your biggest advocate.

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Re: Who's Obsessed?

The responses in this thread pretty much sum up where I am in my journey - a repair fanatic!  Onward and upward Smiley Happy

In order of approval...
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Re: Who's Obsessed?

I stare at my reports every day thinking if I stare hard enough my letters will get answered. I can only update my reports once a month lol. I've never looked forward to checking my mail so much either.
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