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Will Convergent Outsourcing (FOR COX) PFD?

Will Convergent Outsourcing (FOR COX) PFD?

Question: Does anyone have any experience with Convergent Outsorcing collection agency? Has anyone been able to get it deleted after payment? or get them to agree to a Pay to delete? I'm just trying to repair my credit and the balance is honestly not even high (462) I would just pay in full if they are good for deleting.



Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: Will Convergent Outsourcing (FOR COX) PFD?

Convergent contacted me before they added it to my credit report. Offered me 50% off my debt if I paid within 30 days. Paid it, and it was never added to my credit reports.


Once it's added to your report, Convergent is apparently a mixed bag. Have you contacted them?

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Re: Will Convergent Outsourcing (FOR COX) PFD?

I have no contacted them I do not want to poke the bear lol...question how did you get your credit information at the bottom of your answer? Thank you so much for replying to me by the way.

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