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Will I ever see them again?

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Will I ever see them again?

Back in 2008 I filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy my list of creditors was moderate (I think anyway)

Citi bank probably took the biggest hit, we had citi diamond (27k) citi dividend (32k) and 2 others that I can’t remember that total around (15k)

Discover took a hit off 2 cards totaling around (17-20k)

I never messed with chase bank even though I got offers in the mail like crazy at that time but what I want to know if will I ever have a citi bank or discover card again?

They all got mostly paid through the BK but the BK ended up being messy due to issues with missing money at the trustees office and they discharged us and then had to correct it, long story short it got resolved and the Bk is off my credit but I can’t even get a secured card from these guys but my new husband gets offers from them and his credit is a lot worse off then mine.

I just want my citi cards back Smiley Sad
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Re: Will I ever see them again?

Discover will forgive you in a year or so. With citi, it'll be a really loooooooooooooooooooooong time if any of their debt was discharged.

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Re: Will I ever see them again?

That’s what I was afraid of, I used to run EVERYTHING through citi bank for the points and cash back, it was very profitable
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Re: Will I ever see them again?

I burned Discover and now have two cards with a total CL of $30k.

Citibank is not so forgiving it seems.


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Re: Will I ever see them again?

If your BK is off your credit report then half the battle is won. What are your FICO scores? Pull them from here for $1

Have you husband add you as an authorized user to his cards. That will boost your score.
Capital One most likely give you an unsecured card. Discover will likely be secured but will unsecure fairly quicky. That is two places to start. Citi has a secured card that requires two years post discharge but there are no data points that suggest it will help getting back in with Citi. Start with the Cap1 and Discover Prequal preferable after you have been added as an AU to husbands cards.






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Re: Will I ever see them again?

And to add to the above, if you want to get in with Chase or Amex, keep in mind that for Chase the BK has to be off your reports, and for Amex you can be approved five years plus one month after your discharge date.

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Re: Will I ever see them again?

Data points
TU 552 payment history 100% AoAA 5 months 4 baddies (3 of which aren’t mine and are in dispute totaling 3k)
EQ 517 payment history 83% AoAA 5y 3m 2 baddies (1 is a few weeks from falling off)
EX 543 payment history 100% AoAA 11y 6m no baddies one 1 account reports

Does it matter I was AU on the citi bank cards, to be honest right now at 34 years old I’m really just now learning about credit. When I turned 18 my grandma put me on as AU on some of her cards and then I got a few of my own, my ex husband had good credit and I never knew about credit other then mine was good.

I’ve got a self lender credit builder account and just got the self lender secured card also for $100, I’m waiting for the cc to report and I’ve also got the Horizon Gold Card I’m waiting for it to report (I know it only reports to one bureau, but the limit is 2,500and I got the monthly fee on it down to $6) I’m hoping these help my credit some.

My husbands credit is bad but getting better, he has a large (5k) child support debt on his TU report only and nothing on his others except some medical which most all falls off in Jan/feb of 2020. He’s got a self lender loan, and Fingerhut for $200 non of which have reported yet and he’s in the mid 500’s. His problem is his sons mom keeps using his credit and all of sudden utility collections pop up and will bottom it out into the 400s I’ve been successful at getting rid of them but it’s been going on for years even with a fraud alert on his credit.

We’d like to buy a house in the next few years and I’ve realized how much has to be done to get there now.

Oh what I’d give to go back to the days when I knew nothing about credit but every app (even my home loans) were just approved.
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Re: Will I ever see them again?

There has been some recent flexibility when it comes to Citibank after being IIB.

I was approved for a Costco Visa with a $5500 limit 4.5 years post discharge in September, and read stories of some other folks here that were as well.

Ch 7 Discharge May 2015
Discover/Target/NFCU CLOC/NFCU Cash Rewards/NFCU Platinum/PenFed Power Cash Rewards/PenFed Pathfinder AMEX/Citi Costco Visa - alllllmost $100k total revolving
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