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Will my Score Change

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Will my Score Change

Not sure If I should bother with the last 2 Items on my credit report as I had a $100 collection for medical and I paid it and got it off and my score did not change. If I pay off the last 2 things on my report do you think my score will change by much here is the scenario.


My score is at 600 for MYFico EQ and 638 Myfico TU. The only things left on my report that are negitive is a 339 collection from Midland from 07 and a 75 for an MRI from 09. I also have 4 30 day lates from my car that are 7 Months old that I can not do anything about. So if I do PFD's to the 2 accounts how much will my score increase.

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Re: Will my Score Change

The 30 day lates are minor derogs, they will lose a lot of punch after a year and pretty much all after 2 years.  The collection is a major derog and will diminish, but will still affect your score until it falls off.  I'd work on those.

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Re: Will my Score Change

I would work PFD the collections. Their impact is pulling your score down. But I would also try to goodwill the 30 day lates. You never know!

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Re: Will my Score Change

Thank you for your replys. I already tried GW the 30 day lates and they will not budge and I do not want to push it to hard as 1 was a 60 day late but they only reported 30 so I do not want them to change that. I will try the PFD's I know the MRI will be easy but I know that Midland is very tough so it is going to be hard to et them to pull it I may just have to wait till it fcalls off next year.

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