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Will they report?


Re: Will they report?

CK you can update daily to see any changes, the report is accurate as long as the lender/creditor reports to TU since that is what CK pulls. The score is not the score that is used when you apply for a mortgage so it isn't accurate (different model). I have a CC that is due on the 15th and updates on the 22nd with the data from the 16th, meaning if I leave any kind of balance on the 16th it will report on the 22nd with that balance even if I PIF before the 22nd. You got lucky and the LO pulled the report before it was reported or it wasn't reported to the bureau the creditor pulled. If you close on Feb, you may have time to get the late removed through GW.

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Re: Will they report?

I was actually looking at the FHA loan requirements last night - was curious if the wifey and I were eligable since I heard things on here about their loans.


From what I read briefly - you can not have more than 2 30 day lates in the last 2 years.


So under that assumption, 1 30 day late within the past 2 years would not disqualify you.


Google FHA requirements there was a tab/link to the specific requirements on their main page.


If this was the ONLY 30 day late I think you sould be ok.


Either way, work on GW it off the reports.




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