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Worth a DV?

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Worth a DV?

I have a collection account on my CR from Sprint that I know I paid (they made me do it before getting my current Sprint phone - yes, I'm a glutton for punishment but that's a story for another board).

Anyway, EQ is reporting it as Paid, but TU and EX still have it as Derogatory. The total amount is $121. The date opened is 12/04 and the first reported date is 3/05.

Will DV'ing and having it marked Paid do me any good? Or would I be better off trying to GW them and ask them to remove it completely?

7/20/08 ; TU-547, EQ-554, EX-523
7/31/08 ; TU-561, EQ-558, EX-529
8/27/08 ; TU-598, EQ-571, EX-574
6/09 ; TU-653, EQ-589
10/16/09; TU-678, EQ-623
12/15/09; TU-681, EQ-627
4/30/10; TU-676, EQ-636
8/18/10; TU-697, EQ-642
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Re: Worth a DV?

Marked as paid doesn't help your scores, GW time for you
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