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Worth the hit for a PL/DC loan?

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Re: Worth the hit for a PL/DC loan?

Thanks for all of the good info. I used to be very active on this board years ago. I was able to join Navy Federal because of this forum. As my sig says, my scores are a little dated. I lost my job when covid hit but never had a late pay on anything and things just got a bit carried away on my one CC. I applied for a new CC a few months ago but only got a $2.5k limit (granted, I've never had a Discover card). I probably will approach a family member about a loan.

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Re: Worth the hit for a PL/DC loan?

With your scores as high as they are, I would try and go to a credit union for a loan. Even if its not the full ammount if you are able to refinance atleast part of your debt, you will be saving lots on interest, so long as its a favourable interest rate. 

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