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Would a Dispute be faster?

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Would a Dispute be faster?

I paid a collection last week that was on my credit for almost 4 years. It was for $900 and the agreement between myself and the collection agency, it will be completely deleted from my credit now that its paid. With that said, they told me they dont report until close to the end of the month so it may not come off until after July 1st.


With this said, I need to apply for a Mortgage like ASAP because I need to move out of my rental soon.


Would now doing a dispute make it delete faster than waiting on the collection agency??


Any advice?

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Re: Would a Dispute be faster?

No one could advocate you dispute a valid credit account as it would be a credit repair violation. Its best to wait for them to do their thing. CRAs dont want these items deleted they want them marked as paid so no reason to tip them off that someone is doing PFDs.

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