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Wrong Identity on DV


Wrong Identity on DV

I have two student loans but they show up 4 times from the OC on my CR.  The two that I have been refinanced and are reporting paid as agreed.  However, the OC has one listed as a paid collection and the other is listed as a collection so I submitted a DV.  I just received the DV back and all of the information is wrong on the application.  Wrong middle name, SS, DOB, address, references...EVERYTHING is wrong.  I'm new to this and I wasn't expecting this. UUUmmm what to do now?  Make copies for all 3 CB attach a letter simply stating this is not my debt?  Should I say something else?  Should I contact the OC too?

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Re: Wrong Identity on DV

For clarity, the 4th is a collection reported by a CA? I ask because of your last question referencing contact with the OC. Do you feel this account could be yours and that maybe the CA screwed up by validating the wrong account? Or do you feel positive the account never was yours and there could be a case of ID theft?

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Re: Wrong Identity on DV

1.)  AES REFINANCED PAID COLLECTION  2.)  AES REFINANCED COLLECTION 3.) AES/BRAZO REFINANCED PAID COLLECTION 4.) AES/BRAZO REFINANCED PAID COLLECTION.  I DV because of the one account that is saying COLLECTION when it should say PAID COLLECTION.  I know for a fact I only have two loans.  I'm not sure why it is posted like this.

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Re: Wrong Identity on DV

Collections are reported by the debt collector, not the OC.

With the debt apparently having been paid, I dont see the DV process as the procedure to address the issue, which is apparently the double-reporting of the same collection by the same party, one as a collection with no idication of payment, and the other reflecting the collection with the addtion of its ultimate payment.

Debt validation on their part is simple... we verified that the debt is currently $0.


I would use the dispute process to address what is apparently the real issue... inaccurate credit reporting, not validation of a paid debt.

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Re: Wrong Identity on DV

Okay, I understand.  "Inaccurate credit reporting."  Thanks RobertEG.

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