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Wrong information/credit dispute

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Wrong information/credit dispute

I had some credit card debt in the past.  I went into a delinquent status and had debt shark law firms come after me.  Luckily I was able to change jobs to a much higher paying job and pay off both cards with around $7000 on each.  Unluckily, it still shows on my credit report as those cards never being paid.  I disputed the charges on the credit report websites (equifax etc) but, the status remains the same.

Are there credit lawyers out there that I can hire to sort this out for me?  all I have to confirm that I paid (and this should be enough), is a piece of paper from the credit shark law firm that both accounts were paid in full.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer.


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Re: Wrong information/credit dispute

I'd two things. First, I would contact via mail whomever is reporting the balance (e.g. the CC if reporting the $$$ or collection agency if reporting the balance) and enclose a copy of your proof of payment. Mention to them that they are reporting a balance on a paid account and ask them to either update to $0, or if you don't need the history in the case of an OC, ask for deletion.


Give them a little time to respond since most only update 1x/month. If after a month there is no response or no change to your CR(s), then mail a dispute to the CRA(s). Enclose a copy of the letter you mailed to whomever is reporting, enclose a copy of the payment proof, and ask them to delete for you.

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Re: Wrong information/credit dispute

Thanks a lot...sorry what are the CRA(s)?

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Re: Wrong information/credit dispute

I'm guessing Credit Reporting Agencies....?....if so....which ones?  All of them (Equifax, Experian...whats the 3rd?)?

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Re: Wrong information/credit dispute

credit reporting agencies (experian, transunion, and equifax)

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