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Finally Asset Acceptance removed their collection from my reports! I now have no collections left on my Transunion and Experian (1 $30 stupid thing on Equifax). My score jumped on TU from 566 to 645 and from 619 to 642 on Equifax, I am so happy!


The original creditor Express-Limited is also going to remove 15 lates from 2008 because the account was paid before those lates so hopefully I see another jump. Thanks everyone for all the help...I'm not done but I have come from low 500s to mid 600s in about 10 months. 

Starting Scores (January 2010): TU: 501, EQ: 517, EX: ?

Current Scores: TU: 695 (3/4/11), EQ: 653 (4/17/11), EX: 658 (2/19/11 via US Bank pull for loan)

Goal: 700
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Re: YES!!!!

YAY for you!!  Congrats Smiley Happy

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Re: YES!!!!


Did it age out or did you convince them to delete?

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Re: YES!!!!



Good Luck 

Good Luck
May all your dreams and wishes become a reality!
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