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I sent a validation letter out about 2 weeks ago  by cmrrr to Arrow Financial and today I received a leter from them stating they no longer collect for this account and they will contact the CB to let them know and have this account removed.  I was so Happy when I read that because it was for a collection that was supposed to fall off in March of 2012.

I have a long way to go but I have accomplished quite a bit, I think --(several late payments removed, arrow removed, 1 pfd......still working on 3 other late payments and 1 collection)  I am so greatful that I found this forum because I never knew that I could fix some of the things on my cr myself. 

Thanks to EVERYONE,  I love this forum!!!!!

My score is 502 now but it hasn't been affected by the removals and stuff yet.  I hope it goes up quite a bit though.  My goal score is about 650.   I only have my mortgage and my car payment that is a monthly bill reporting on my cr though.   I don't want to get a credit card or anything like that ( don't like monthly additional bills).  With the progress I am making, I WILL MAKE IT REALITY by nexy year...( I hope)

Thanks again for everything.........

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Re: Yes.....Progress........

Your story is encouraging- thank you so much for sharing!  I'm just getting started in the process, myself, so I'm a bit nerve-wracked and just need to take the first step!  Anyway, my point before I completely ramble, is that I'm really happy for you, and that offers me some hope too.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Yes.....Progress........

I know you said you didn't want a CC, but if you want to increase your score, you really should have a decent mix of credit. Get a small secured card and keep no or a minimal balance on it. That alone will jump your score up. I didn't have any open CC accounts untill I found out that the CRA's want to see a good mix of open TL's. I got two CC's from HSBC and one from CapOne, totalling $1300 in limits. I did this within a 2 week period and my score jumped 30pts once they reported. Prior to that, the only open TL's I had were a personall loan and my student loans. Your making progress, but if you open 2 CC's and the util down, under 10%, it will greatly increase you scores. Just because you have open CC's doesn't mean you have to use them. Just tend your credit like you would a garden. Reapiring credit is like tilling the soil in the garden. After you repair, or till the soil, you need to plant seeds (open new accts) and tend the garden (use the new credit wisely) and watch your scores grow like a nicely fertilized crop.
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From 9/2010 to 2/2012 I have gotten $44k in available credit, and closed on my first home 12/23/2011. All was made possible by the people here. Stay with it, it is possible!
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