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Young & Dumb

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Young & Dumb

A few years ago, my priorities weren't straight and it seems that I was spending money on everything but the my priorities (bills).  I now have two credit card charge offs in the amts of 4500.00 and 700.00.  I was paying student loans late, but those are caught up now.   I am paying late on a lease care late that killed my credit the most, it seems. Still have about 1400.00 left to owe on the vehicle.    


Now that I have my priorities straight and finishing school, I just need any sort of advice from anyone about how to go about getting my credit back on track.  I am will do anything.  I am not sure on how to contact what companies the charge offs are with.  I hear about writing letters before, but unsure of what these letters require.  Any advice will help.


I want to be able to finish school, marry my high school sweetheart, and purchase a house down the road.  I know it sounds fairy tale ending, but I know it can be done, just need to be steered in the right direction.


I appreciate it,


Thank you.

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Re: Young & Dumb

With everything being reported negative, best thing would be to apply for a secured card. You would put up your own money as collateral. Try and apply for secured card which will upgrade to a non secured card after about a year or so. I am sure a few people will chime in with some great secured card suggestions. 


A few that come to mind;


Cap One



First Premier


Just don't go running and trying to apply with all of them. Would just make your situation worse. As I said before others will have some other options for you, give them a little time .

Good Luck
May all your dreams and wishes become a reality!
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Re: Young & Dumb

Thank you.  I will look into that.  I have never heard of those before.

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Re: Young & Dumb

Stay away from First Premier and I would not get a secured card with Orchard... do the pre-qual for Best Buy Mastercard (you can search for it up above, they will most likely give you small line without putting up security for it)

you can also do pre-qual for cap1.

I would start by pulling your reports and seeing where your at scores and if anything is not reporting correctly. report back and we can give you more specific suggestions

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