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Zero to Something in 7 months

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Zero to Something in 7 months

Hi guys,


Just want to share my Zero to Something experience in the last 7 months. It all started in October 2016, needed a car so I took the plunge for a 6k auto loan with 29.95%!! I never had any loans or credit cards before October 2016.


Oct 2016 - No fico scores - CK scores - TU=470 EQ=474


TU Report = 15 Collections - 5 Public Records 

EQ Report = 13 Collections - 4 Public Records

EX Report = Clean 


Accounts Opened:

Oct 2016 - Auto loan

Nov 2016 - Discover IT Secured - $200

December 2016 - CreditOne - $300, Fingerhut Fresh Start$180


Now a curveball! Transmission gave up in April. I didn't really have $2,500 for a new tranny so I went to a ford dealership. Long story short, after a week the finance manager got me a loan with Westlake Financial. Another terrible loan for $23k after a $2,500 down with 24% apr! They obviously can't take the car with a bad tranny so I kept it. 


April 2017 - Fico Scores EX=0 TU=603 EQ=580


TU Report = 2 Collections (MED) - 1 Public Records (unemployment 4 years old)

EQ Report = 5 Collections (MED) - 1 Public Records (unemployment 4 years old)

EX Report = Clean 



Oct 2016 - Auto loan

Nov 2016 - Discover IT Secured - $200, Now $500 

December 2016 - CreditOne - $300, Fingerhut (Graduated) $180, now $200


May 2017 - Fico Scores EX=605 TU=613 EQ=583

Inquiries - EX 52 TU 47 EQ 56 (I KNOW A LITTLE TOO MUCH THERE)


EX finally generated a score. I probably would have been higher if it wasn't for the auto loan apps! Anyway, I couldn't sit still paying 29% and 23% for the car loans. After some digging around here, I found Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union (SMCU). At this point, I was used to getting denied and I promised myself if its rejected. I'm just going to suck it up!! 


Well, I got a phone call from SMCU. Loan officer said I was approved to refinance both vehicles and also approved for $2k Visa credit card. I was on scaffolds at work, I almost jumped off out of excitement!! haha, got off the scaffolds, took my tool bag off and finalized the loans over phone (well, he sent docusigns). 


For Washinton residents, give them a try! I wasn't expecting much but they surprised me! It sucks they aren't open to anyone but Washington Residents. NFCU rejected me but I can't complain because I'm able to take advantage of their member discount for Geico Insurance saving me $350 Smiley Happy 



TU Report = 2 Collections (MED) - 1 Public Records (unemployment 4 years old), (Not Reporting Child Support) I'm going to pay MED, getting tired of disputing, asking for early exclusions and GW letters. Public Record is payroll deductable.

EQ Report = 5 Collections (MED) - 1 Public Records (unemployment 4 years old), (Child Support 30k, Payroll deductable)

EX Report = Clean (Child Support 30k, Payroll deductable)




Oct 2016 - Auto loan (Closed, Refinanced)

Nov 2016 - Discover IT Secured - $500 

December 2016 - CreditOne - $300, Fingerhut  $200

May 2017

SMCU Auto loan 1 - $23k at 11.99% 60 months (Experian Only credit pull)

SMCU Autoloan 2 - $7k at 12.25% 36 months

SMCU CC - $2k 18%apr

WSECU (Washington State Employees CU) Credit Card- $1,500 (This is pre-approved.They are somewhat lenient with baddies on report, eventhough its not off your report. They went proof of payment or be in a payment plan for 6 months.TU Only)


My quest now is to pay off all medical collections and eventually pay off the unemployment public record. Hopefully in October I'll have them paid off, banking all the hours during summer and some side work. I work in construction so summer sure will be busy!! 


Any thoughts or other things I should do, Please share them! Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences as I have learned a lot from this forum Smiley Happy




Re: Zero to Something in 7 months

Great progress, keep it up Smiley Happy

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- Rhonda Byrne

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Re: Zero to Something in 7 months

You're doing well. Keep it up.
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Re: Zero to Something in 7 months



Congrats.  You're making good progress.

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Re: Zero to Something in 7 months

Seems like you're really getting a handle on it! Keep up the good work Smiley Happy

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Re: Zero to Something in 7 months

For the Medical Collections, google  Why Chat's Hippa process

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