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? about DMP

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? about DMP

If one is involved in a dmp, and decides to discontinue it early, does the bureau status go from MANAGED BY DMP back to being managed by consumer?  Just wondering....

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Re: ? about DMP

It's not automatic, as the CRA has no way of determining such a status. 

It would require the party who reported that information to update their reporting. 

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Re: ? about DMP

IMHO no.  My reason is that long after I finished DMP, the comment about being in one is still on my CR.  Not to worry though since as far as I know it has not impacted my ability to get new credit.

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Re: ? about DMP

Are you in a better situation where you no longer need the DMP?   If so then it's time to get serious and pay those debts off.  I was in your situation, but my DMP program absolutely crashed my credit.  It wasn't till I got out from under them that I was able to actually get some stuff cleaned up.

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