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am i right about credit repair or rebuilding please fix me if i was wrong.

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am i right about credit repair or rebuilding please fix me if i was wrong.

You want to clean up your credit?

You want to build up your credit score?

You want to buy a house?

You want to buy a car?

You want a better Credit card?
All you need to do is 

satisfied debt


1: Pull all 3 from

2: Check for DOFD( date of first delinquency )

3: Check your SOL ( state of limitations )

4: Check your pocket ( how much you have )


*When you miss payment 30-60-90-120-150 = send GW and hope to get right people to delete it out your credit report ( 3-4 times for months ^_~ )

* CO Or CA paid or showed with 0 balance = Send GW until you hear back something good ( send 4 letter for month is ok Smiley Very Happy )

* CO Or CA showed balance but SOL has not expired  = PFD( pay for delete) - if they don't accept PFD just PIF but get agreement they will update PIF( pay in full ) some ugly CA may sue you for small debt when debt still in SOL

* CO Or CA showed balance but SOL Has expired = Offer settlement and PFD, but get agreement first


** Remember when you deal with CA ,never never tell them that your account that is why we said you have to acknowledgement to that account. Why?.,..,, they may try to reset SOL. How can they reset SOL???? when they have a prof 100% debt is your then they can prof that in Court .What is SOL?...,.,.., oh yeah SOL is ( for debt collector sue you to cover the debt ) . Then when SOL expired ???.......,.,., when SOL expired debt collector can sue you but you can use SOL to defend in Court and you Win they will loss. 

 i like skip send DV ( if you know this is your ) don't play waitting game,

if its not your then just file complant to BBB , FTC , State AG. then Sue them

Please fix me if i understand wrong. Ty

10/2012 Started with 588 EQ Fico score and 20+ CA and CO
1750$ total CL
10/2013 in 700 Club
Personal :Total CL 196K
Business : Total CL 200K
Business LOC : 1M
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