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arrow financial 120+ days late??

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arrow financial 120+ days late??

so this is what my equifax (fico) report says of arrow financial....i havent talked to anyone or made any payments to OC since 04  or CA ever!!  can they report me as 120 days late? and can they say first 90+ day late "1st time" in Dec 2008????  sounds shady!!


Credit AccountCredit AccountArrow Ser

Status as of Date opened [?] Date of last activity [?] Largest past balance [?] Account Type [?] Account holder [?] Industry
Oct, 2010
Aug, 2006
Dec, 2004
Open Account
Factoring Companies
Descriptions [?]
  • Consumer disputes this account information
  • Collection account

No contact information provided by Equifax

Balance [?] Current Status [?] Past Due Amount [?]
$1,650120+ days past due$1,650
Seven year payment history [?] 30 days late 60 days late 90+ days late
0 times
0 times
1 time (Dec 2008)
Recent payment history [?] 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2008 2009 2010
Legend:Current paidCurrently paid as agreed
 120 days late120 days late
Worst Delinquency [?]
120+ days past due
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Re: arrow financial 120+ days late??

I have the same issue with a TL from University of Phoenix.  DOLA was 05/2005, I had not made a payment, spoken to a CA, received a letter until a few weeks ago from a Northland Group, which isn't even listed on my CR.  My CR shows it's been CO'd between 2005 and 2010.  Then miraculously, I made a payment in 12/2010 and I went back into CO status again for 4 months and made another payment in 04/2011.  I do not understand how this could be happening.  I'm hoping one of the vet's on the board can assist with this because something is definitely not right!  

Starting score: (April 2011) 530 - myFICO EQ
Current score: (04/2012) EQ - 608 (myFICO), EX FAKO - 671, TU FAKO - 619

Let's see what happens once they report minus the late payments!!!!!!
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Re: arrow financial 120+ days late??

It's not uncommon for Arrow to report that way. More and more I see this, more inclined I am to think that it's a reporting issue with EQ rather than Arrow. Send a DV. If they verify and agree, then send a PFD. Or wait. Sounds like it is approaching the CRTP limit. Score-wise, the 120 doesn't matter since it is being scored as a CA anyway.

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