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citi/sears store card


citi/sears store card

I have a few late payments from summer 2011 on my card. The card is now closed and has been since then.  I was very far behind payments due to some money issues, and I entered an agreement with them to pay 175 a month until the balance is paid off.  I have enough money now where I could pay the entire balance.  I've spoken to them on the phone, and they're unwilling to do a goodwill and remove any late payments.  I have disputed (In Jan '13) 2 late payments though, because they occured months after I entered the agreement and was "caught up". 



Question, should I just pay it off and take the hit from the summer '11 late payments? Should I ask them over the phone to do a payment for deletion? Should I wait until the dispute is over before sending them a PFD letter? 



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Re: citi/sears store card

bump, anyone? 

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Re: citi/sears store card

Continue making those payments and pay it off.  Send GW's, maybe once a month.  Sometimes they take a few to get results.

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Re: citi/sears store card

I agree that you should continue to make the payment....Once that account has been paid off....send them a goodwill letter by mail. 

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Re: citi/sears store card

Check your PM.

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