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cleaning up after bk | what's best?

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cleaning up after bk | what's best?

Wife and I are out of ch13 bk for about  a year (filed aug 2011, dischraged aug 2016).

Looking over our credit reports on, there are still some "negative" reporting...

Reading / researching on the fourm, was wonder if we should do a goodwill letter to them before disupte it with the CRAs?


Another issue was one of the negatives (cap one) had a history of 20 years...and if that was to fall off the CR, would it actually hurt the score?

(aaoa is about 4 years, due to new credit and that 20 years old account, I think).


All 3 CRAs are reporitng in the high 680ish range for now...





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Re: cleaning up after bk | what's best?

Bankruptcy discharges the debt.  It does not negate the fact that prior delinquencies occured and were reported to a CRA.

When did the derogs occur, and what were they?

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Re: cleaning up after bk | what's best?

So out of the 5, 3 of them had reported derog in aug 2011 (when we filed).

Two of them (both StarOne CU) reported 90 days late since aug of 2016 on Equifax, so 12 late payments.  But nothing on the other two CRA.


They still show a balance of 9k and the status is "charged off".


All of the other accounts we included in BK does not show under "negative" anymore.



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