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collection agency calling

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collection agency calling

ok....heres the scoop. I have this collection agency calling me about 8-10 times a day (no joke)  They said they were "NCO" and now a company called " I C Systems"is calling......I think NCO must have sold them our name. Anyhow, this has been going on for about 3-4 months. The crazy thing is.....neither one of these companies show up on any of our credit reports. They are trying to collect on something that is at least 7-8 years old. I think it was an old Direct tv acct, in which we stopped paying on, once they disconnected it for being late. Why continue paying for a service youre not receiving? My question is....How can I get these fools to stop calling?

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Re: collection agency calling

if you are sure this is out of reporting time frame, then I would send them a cease and desist letter commonly referred to as FOAD letter.
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Thanks to all board members for their insight and wisdom.
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Re: collection agency calling

Why continue paying for a service you're not receiving?  Just because you had it disconnected does not mean you do not owe for the past due amount.


At any rate if you are outside of SOL you can send them a letter telling them it is out of SOL and to not contact you any more. 


If it is still within SOL, DV them, but be prepared to PIF if they validate.


A CA may continue to try and collect on a debt forever, they just can not sue you and win.



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