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credit one bank

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credit one bank

I emailed the CEO of the bank for credit one and was denied a goodwill adjustment of my late payments. In addition, they stated they would no longer respond to emails and only by US mail. I made the mistake of still having an open dispute with EQ and I think that's what prompted the denial (thought it was completed). Does anyone have a good contact number or mailing address to ask for a goodwill request? Or try to email again since it's been about a month already. Thanks in advance!
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Re: credit one bank

How do you mistakenly have a pending dispute with a CRA?

CRAs have a mandatory period (usually 30 days) to complete their revinvestigation, and another 5 business days to send the Notice of Results.

There should be nothing on the consumer's end that would mistakenly result in a dispute not being concluded by the CRA.


I would call the CRA and advise them of admin error on their part if the dispute has been concluded but is still showing as pending with the CRA.


As for that being a reason for denial of a GW deletion, I dont see the connection.

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