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days delinquent

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days delinquent

When an account is charged off and is a paid collection, can a CA or CRA report days past due.  I have an MCM and a Cap One account and they are both reporting 120+ days delinquent.  Also, does it matter?

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Re: days delinquent

REword this Im confused Did you pay this off and now its reporting 120 + late or did it report thast before you paid

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Re: days delinquent

Monthly delinquencies are separate from the act of an accounting charge-off or referral for collection assistance.

It is proper to have both monthly delinquencies and a CO or collection.

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Re: days delinquent

Thanks Robert,


I paid the CA midland off in 09'.  The account was HSBC originally and they charged it off and sold it midland in 06'.  Both companies are showing 120+ day lates on the CRA's.  Both accounts are due to fall off in 2013 but I'm still trying...... I'm waiting for them to get tired of me and do a GW removal. 

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