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down to 3....still

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down to 3....still

after trying to have 3 paid med deleted...even after Hippa...they remain...was wondering just how bad the 3 are hurting the score...I read where paid or unpaid does not matter....and they are from  Sept 2004
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Re: down to 3....still



They are 5 years old, they are not realy a big factor in your core.  As I have read after 4 years they hurt less.  If I were you I would get Names & adresses of the CEO's of these companies.  Ask for a goodwill gesture to remove them.   That's about all you can do.  I had 5 paid collections with Certegy and the Administrative Assistant got the letter and had them removed in one day.  She called me and let know that they would be off in a day.  The thing is Cetergy is owned by Equifax.  The CEO never say the letter, his Admin pulled the trigger for me.


I also would check and see if your Medical/Collection Agency is owned by some big company and get those names and adresses to.  It doesn't hurt to try.  By the way I got a 10 point jump.  It wasn't a lot but my CR looks much cleaner now.

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