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email address for IC System?

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email address for IC System?

I have a collection from them for a cable box.  The collection is $160.41 and they called me this morning willing to accept settlement of $120.41 but they will just update to paid, not delete.  Does anyone have an email address for them that I could sent them a quick email, offer to PIF for a PFD, and just get it handled?  I hate to go back and forth through mailing letters CMRRR over $160 balance.  It's legit, I owe the money, I just want it deleted.  

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Re: email address for IC System?

If this is for Cox Comm. Go to a store and pay it. Have them recall it. If they wont. Dispute it with a copy of the reciept it was paid. This has worked for others in the past. Good Luck!

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