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email address for afni

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Re: email address for afni

Please send me the email address for afni recovery team. I am trying to get a goodwill deletion. 




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Re: email address for afni

could you send me the email address for afni .



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Re: email address for afni



They DO NOT do PFD.   Pay it in full, send GW letter just as I did this morning.





To whom it may concern,

My name is ( XXXX Blah Blah ) (Madien name here ) and my account number with your company was 03XXXXXXX-02 for $523.79 and it was paid in full on 3/27/13.

I was going over my credit report as I prepare to be a first time homebuyer and seen this account. I have never pulled a credit report. I am not sure what it is for, I have not lived at that address you have on file in over 6 yrs and I have never got anything from you otherwise I could have taken care of this sooner. My Loan officer has me approved contingent upon a 2 point Fico score increase and NO Collections showing on my credit report. This is the first and only thing I have ever had.

He suggested instead of me disputing this and dragging it out to just pay it in full and ask for your help with this matter.

With credit being such a big factor for a loan approval I am afraid this negative will be a roadblock with me being so close. I have no other collections on my credit report.

I am writing to see whether Afni would consider a goodwill deletion and delete this account from my credit bureau reports, to help me continue improve my credit score and enable me to better my future even more.


Thank you for your time and consideration,

My Name (Maiden Name: blah blah)


My Current Information:

Blah blah blah


Information that showed on the website today:


XXX Monroe Rd




Reply 6 hrs later 3/27/13




Thank you for your inquiry.  We have filed a request with all 3 major credit reporting agencies to delete the listing by Afni from your credit report.




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Re: email address for afni

I am getting ready to email a GW letter, can I have the email address to send it to?

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Re: email address for afni

If anyone has the email address I would appreciate a PM. Thanks in advance!

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Re: email address for afni

Could someone also PM me the email addresses anyone's used and has had some luck. I paid my collections already. I sent them a goodwill letter a few days ago but would also like to email them. They only reported it on my CR because I changed my bank information so they couldn't take the last payment so they then reported it on my credit :/
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Re: email address for afni

So after two weeks of emailing afni once a day for 2 weeks they finally responded to my GW and said they were deleting the collections account.
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Re: email address for afni

Can you please send my the email address you have.  I have paid the collection that I sent along with a PFD letter it did not work. I have sent them a GW letter but I have not had a reply.


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Re: email address for afni

Thank you for sharing your success with us all. Can you please help me by sending me the email address? I paid the account sent PFD letter and sent a GW letter not reply?

Maybe I will have better success with the email.

Please help me thanks.

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Re: email address for afni

Could someone please pm me the email for afni? Thanks!
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