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experian is the worst!


experian is the worst!

pulled my experian report today only to find TWO lates on my macy's account that are 100% not true. and i have been battling macy's AND the credit bureaus on this for nearly a year. macy's incessantly says: 'We show NO delinquency. We will send another update to the bureaus.'...   yeah, okay.

so i go to dispute it online and experian comes up with a little prompt saying the following: 

"We are unable to allow access to our online dispute service. We understand that the privacy and security of your information is important to you; therefore, we cannot provide a specific reason as to why we cannot allow access. Our registration process is designed to ensure that your credit information is released only to you. You must have a current copy of your personal credit report from Experian in order to dispute information. Please call 1 800 204 1410 to order your report through our automated service. The report will be delivered by U.S. Mail. Once you receive the report, follow the instructions to dispute information you believe is incorrect. "

so now what?
that number they list is an automated nothingness that will take you in circles for hours.
how can i dispute this? myfico doesnt give a 'report number'....
do i seriously have to go buy an experian report THROUGH experian just to dispute false info when I JUST paid money for this stupid thing???

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Re: experian is the worst!

If Macys says you have no late payments why dont you have them send you somthing on company letterhead that says you were never late or a copy of ypur payment history.  Once you have documentation you can dispute by mail and iclude the letter as proof.  


To save time I would have them fax letter if you have access to a fax machine to save time. 



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Re: experian is the worst!

Call the Experian number again and hit the zero button a few times I believe and that should get you to a live person.  Another poster told me this and I was able to get to a real person.  Also I found out that Experian does not accept faxes anymore.  I had ten fax numbers for them and none of them are working.

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