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experience with BofA Cali

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experience with BofA Cali

I have a recent 30 and 60 day late on my CR from Bank of America, California. I've asked them to remove it because it wasn't my fault -- I moved and didn't receive my bill. They didn't call me until I was 60 days late Smiley Sad


I've called once and asked for a delete, but they say by law they can't because the *bank* didn't do anything wrong. But it's not really my fault either.


anybody have experience with BOA of California? Is it worth GW'ing them and being persistent?



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Re: experience with BofA Cali

Have you paid the back payments?


Are you now current?


Yes, write a GW letter explaining the situation.  The worst case is they say no.  But you can't get it if you don't ask.  And GW is almost always something you should do in writing.

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Re: experience with BofA Cali

yes, in fact the card is at $0 balance now. I'm trying to lightly use it and pay it full each month to establish a better picture. I will GW them in writing. Thanks!
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Re: experience with BofA Cali

You're best bet is to responsibly use the card for about six months and then write a GW letter to a specific person.
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