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Ok I've spent a good amount of time cleaning up my credit. I am at 591 TU and 609 EQ.  I have 4 open TL's  Macys - 0 balance, Best Buy MC-  0 limit 450 line. balance. NFCU loc - 2400 balance 4500 limit and a fingerhut line with a 0 balance and 350CL.  Up until yesterday I had a barclay's MC with a  0 balance and a 1k CL. Well today they informed me that they closed my card because I have a recent collection. Thats not true, I have an account with captial one that I am paying through a collection agency monthly for about 6 months now its almost paid off (600 left). So long story short, I am trying to buy a house and get to at least a 620 mid score by the fall. Is this even possible now that barclays closed my card?  Will this closing make my score drop ? should I apply for another card?  I have no other negatives on my report in the past 2 years outside of the captial one issue. 

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Re: frustrated!!!!!

Maybe there is someoen else, management, that you can talk to at Barclay to have them review your account if the payment history has been good??


I'd start priming the Cap One CA about a PFD once the final balance is paid off, if this wasn't arranged upfront. If not, then trying to GW after final payment maybe an option


NFCU- is that a CC, if so bringing that util down some may help....I've also read around the forums that carrying 0 util doesn't always help the score, but I'd let the pros around the forum give advice on that one..


Hang in there, good things will come your way- and good advice you will find on this forum!


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