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help deciphering cr please

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help deciphering cr please

FICO® Kit Platinum EQ Report pulled yesterday
The following info I copied / pasted from my online cr
This medical ca is not listed under 'collecitons'.
This is listed under 'Accounts' on the cr and starts off this way:

company name is unknown
Credit Account opened in Jan 0001
Status as of Aug, 2008
Date opened Not Reported
Date of last activity Jul, 2007
Date closed Not Reported
Account number Not Reported
Loan type Not Reported
Largest past balance $244
Terms Not Reported
Account Type Open Account
Account holder Individual
Scheduled payment amount $0

* Medical
* Collection account

No contact information provided by Equifax
Balance Current Status Past Due Amount
$244 120+ days past due $244
Seven year payment history
30 days late 0 times
60 days late 0 times
90+ days late 0 times
Worst Delinquency
None Reported

How can the company name not be reported? It was not listed this way on last months EQ cr.
This is unpaid medical collection. It is the only one I have for this amount and I know who the oc and ca are.
It shows on all 3 cr's. NCO is the CA and on my TU cr, they have it listed twice.
My TU fico score did not change from last month but my EQ cr dropped 35 points since last month. I have not pulled EX yet.
Why is this not listed under collections?
I can not afford to pay it yet so could somebody give me a better understanding of all this and how its listed?
Many Thanks!!
6-03-08 FICO TU 621 EX 630 EQ 595
7-23-08 FICO TU 648 EX 642 EQ 640
8-28-08 FICO TU 648
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Re: help deciphering cr please

on re-sold reports they are not suposed to display HIPPA information-
Does it say date opened "Jan 0001" or "Jan 2001" - if it's Jan 2001 it should be past CRTP.
If it's not past CRTP- medical ollection are easy to get rid of if your willing to pay.
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Re: help deciphering cr please

it says date opened "Jan 0001" not "Jan 2001". Its not a typo on my part but it may be on theirs? Smiley HappyIts definitely not past CRTP. Its only 2 or 3 yrs old.

Im not having much luck with the hipaa process. I sent pre hipaa to EQ and have a few days left before the 35 day mark. I have heard nothing from EQ. Im wanting to pay off a $52 med collection. Its not my most recent collection but its the cheapest. Smiley Happy

I guess I really need to start on the med debt related to this post because its being reported 2x on another cr.
Its real frustrating to finally try and repair my cr's and do whats right and pay my debts but it seems like for every step forward I have 10 steps back Smiley Sad
I got myself in this horrible mess so I can not and will not give up and throw in the towel which would be so easy to do. Instead i'll type away here and ask all the ?? I need answered and read thru post after post to ensure I follow the correct procedures to get this done.
6-03-08 FICO TU 621 EX 630 EQ 595
7-23-08 FICO TU 648 EX 642 EQ 640
8-28-08 FICO TU 648
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