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how long do late payments affect credit score?

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how long do late payments affect credit score?

I had a 30 day late payment on a credit card Feb. 2011.  The account was paid in full next month.  CRA still show the 30 day late from 2/11.  How long does this late payment negatively affect my credit score.  It shows as potentially negative still.


Should I try to DV or GW for account deletion from CRA?  I would like to see this account go away

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Re: how long do late payments affect credit score?

I could be wrong, but I believe 7 years at the earliest.  I just saw on my CR that a negative late pmt of 30 days was just removed and the account was opened in 2002 (it was likely closed in 2004 or so, can't remember).  I would suggest writing a GW letter to the creditor as I have been told they work.  I will be doing the same for all of mine.  Hope this somewhat helps.

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Re: how long do late payments affect credit score?

Late payments hurt your score less and less as they age. I do not know old lates have to be before they negatively affect scores less. It seems like the last two years of payment history is very important. It could be that once that late payment is over two years old, it will hurt much less than one as recent as '11.


I for one have a loan with 120 lates that I then paid off in a 1.5 years. This loan will perpetually show lates in the last two payment years history for this loan. I constantly wonder if this makes any difference or not. Do they age off the same? None the less, they will stay visible in that payment history.


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Re: how long do late payments affect credit score?

30 and 60 day lates are minor derogs that will impact your CR drastically when they are recent.  However they do diminish over time,  they lose a lot of their luster after just 2 years.   90 and above are considered major derogs and will diminish some over time but will still have a significant impact over the CRTP.   Each derog of an account thas not been CO'd or put in Collections will remain for 7 years of their respective dates.   Hope that clears it up a little.

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