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how should i handle this collection?

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how should i handle this collection?

This is the last collection on my reports due to fall off in about 10 months. I really want it gone cause in about 4 months 2 of my secured cards have potential graduation and it will look over all better with this collection gone. 196.00 dollar collection and what does reset sol mean? I'm afraid to do anything that would alter this being off my reports early next year but I would like to get it gone now if possible. Would them knowing its about to fall off my reports soon incline them to accept my PFD offer or no?
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Re: how should i handle this collection?

SOL (Statue of Limitations) is the legal time limit a creditor has to sue and win. Most states it's 3 to 6 yrs, some states it's longer.
You can Google, to find your states SOL. But be careful..
As you know, not everything on the web is correct, use a reputable source to gather your info.

 Resetting SOL....means just that.  The SOL start over again.

Check your state laws, in some states, the SOL can be re-set by a payment or written acknowledgment, etc.

If your paying the debt off, resetting isnt going to matter because the debt is paid already.


Dont' confuse CRTP and SOL, they are two different things.
CRTP has to do with CR's. SOL has nothing to do with Credit reporting,it's the legal side of a debt.

CRTP (credit reporting time period) is the length of time an item reports on a CR.
Most negatives stay on a CR for 7yrs, CA's stay for 7.5 yrs, Starting from the DoFD.


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