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i.c. System

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i.c. System

Just received notice from this ca wondering best way to go about this (collection was sold from allied interstate who would not pfd) Does anybody have tips on getting this ca to agree to pfd or contact info ???

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Re: i.c. System

What is the DOFD on the OC account?

That will effect both how long it will continue in your CR, and depending upon your state law, also when the SOL for initiating civil action may expire.


If they loose both of those collection tools, it may soften any reluctance to accept a PFD offer.  Providing express notification of expiration of SOL, if you are sure of its expiration, might be a point to make in any PFD offer.

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Re: i.c. System

Dofd is 5/2008 so i'm outside sol but they can still report for another while. assuming they don't agree to pfd and they start reporting will that hurt my score. or did I gain points from allied out of the picture and I'll just lose those when this new CA starts reporting????
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Re: i.c. System

Does anybody have an e-mail address for this company????

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Re: i.c. System

I do not but am interested in this myself in case someone would be cool enough to pm an email address to me/us.
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Re: i.c. System

If you find any email address, please PM me as well. I am searching for information on this company to no avail.

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Re: i.c. System

So funny someone would mention them today. 


Said some ugly things in this post.  It has been edited to delete those things. 



GOOD LUCK. I am fighting them mow.

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