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I have myficowatch and it told me that there is a whopping 8 inquiries on my report Smiley Sad When I check this 3 of the companys have 2 inquiries on my report, is there a way to get those deleted and how offten does that work? 

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Re: inquiries!

I have not heard any success stories lately from anyone saying they got any removed. They only affect your score for a year so its ok. They do stay on for 2 years though

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Re: inquiries!

The FCRA does not regulate the frequency of credit inquiries.  It requires only that they provide a permissible purpose.

Many see multiiple pulls by a creditor related to the same transaction, which is not per se impermissible, but nonetheless is bad business in that it hurts the consumer if coded as hard.

Perhaps the person making the second inquiry simply didnt understand the impact on their customer.


I suggest contacting the inquiree and make a request that they get the second inquiry recoded as soft.....

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Re: inquiries!

Don't feel bad, I have 23 inquiries on report, which the majority was from when  I was shopping around for a car last year. I use to have success getting them deleted, but this was 5 years ago, I have tried recently with no success.

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