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is a legit website?

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is a legit website?

Do they provide actual scores with their monotoring service or is it a FAKO?

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Re: is a legit website?

Providing scores that are not based on an algorithm licensed from Fair Isaac does not mean the scores are illegit or inaccurate.

It means that you purchased a score that wont be the one used by most creditors.


I would not state that any site offering non-FICO scores is not legitimate.

Unfortunately, they may prey on ignorance of consumers, but in the end, it is the consumer's obligation to know what they are buying.

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Re: is a legit website?

dpride86 wrote:

Do they provide actual scores with their monotoring service or is it a FAKO?

They are FAKO.   Unless the scores they are selling explicity says FICO then it is a FAKO score.  




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Re: is a legit website?

Sorry i don't know about that site. To know that site legit or not you can follow these methods given below:

You can read user reviews, problems, their quires, responses and rating about

the site in


You can also do a whois search in the site  and know the owner, technical, administrative contact details etc.. you can use the phone number or email id which you get in whois search and try to contact the person and clarify your doubts.


If the site has SSL certificate it is good site for transactions. SSL certificate enabled site looks like

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