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keep getting denied :(

keep getting denied :(

so long story short..i was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012 so i have alot of medical bills but ive never been late on any payments as my rent or car loan..i have 3 cars paid off, 2 credit cards through cap 1..for 300 and 500 limits. the only thing that shows bad on my credit though this website is my credit length is "fair" and new credit is "poor" what does that mean?


i have 4 collections right now since i have medical bills but im currently paying someone to repair my credit which has been working jan 1st i was a 540 across the board now today im at 650 across the board, so its working.


what am i doing wrong? or should i just not apply since 650 is in the middle of the good credit cards and subprime ones so it will be a hit or miss..?


currently today im at 646 equifax 650 transunion and 668 EX.


and nevermind lol i just got approved for 2500 through SSFCU while making this post but geez i got declined for target and costco but get approved through ssfcu?

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Re: keep getting denied :(

Sorry to hear of your situation, I hope for the best. As for getting denied, the 4 collections is preventing you from getting any approvals. Is there anyway you can work on those collections? A PFD maybe? Good luck. 

Ymmv ~ Cheers!

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Re: keep getting denied :(

Have you tried the prequalify pages of different banks? Try Discover, Chase, Amex, Braclay, etc. See what pops up.

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Re: keep getting denied :(

Any collections are going to work against you, you'll need more than six months of on time payments before your chances of getting approved will increase.


If you're currently on time with all your bills why are you still paying someone to fix your credit? Why don't you use the money your paying for credit repair to pay down your debt? 


Every new app that you submit dings your credit a little, submitting a bunch of new apps will negatively offset any positive changes in your payment history.

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Re: keep getting denied :(

Moving to RYC for better coverage.


As far as those medicals you want to resolve them ASAP, here are the steps to handle them and welcome to the board Smiley Happy


For unpaid medical debt that is reporting on your CR:


1. Call the OC and see if you qualify for Charity Care
2. If not then ask that they recall the collection in exchange for full payment
3. Send the reporting CA a PFD offer
4. Google the HIPAA Process and contact its creator for help

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Re: keep getting denied :(

I'm still using the credit people to help me cause I was told if I pay off the medicals they will stay on my credit even if I pay it off so that there wasn't any point 😑
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Re: keep getting denied :(

Not sure how it works but have you tried researching the HIPPA guidelines disputing. I've heard it works
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Re: keep getting denied :(

During my first couple years of rebuilding, I was denied a LOT.  


If I had to do it over again, I'd stop at my two secured cards, then get at least one non-secured after a year and wait another year.


I have 10+ inquiries still on each bureau, and the highest credit limit I have is $2300 on each of two different cards (a discover and a MC).  I have a $4k limit on a store card, but who cares.


I finally hit the garden after I managed to get quite a few of the cards I wanted, including Target, WM, and Amazon, which aren't that hard to get ... but I shot myself in the foot with all those applications and denials.  


All the new credit and inquiries has really hampered me from doing anything with cards for at least another year from now.  


It's working out, but take advice from someone who's been there.  Stop applying, you'll be glad you did.


Cultivate the cards you have, take care of the rest of your outstanding collections and just wait.

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Re: keep getting denied :(

Welcome Trippstarr! I'm sorry to hear of what you are going through, and wish you the best!

So, the collections are certainly holding you down, and many of the suggestions already offered are good ones, and I recommend you look in to them.

I'll add, that it is good the credit repair that you are using it working. Just keep an eye out for things becoming stagnant. Once that happens, and you see it isn't making anymore progress, consider cutting ties at that point.
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Re: keep getting denied :(

trippstarr21 wrote:
I'm still using the credit people to help me cause I was told if I pay off the medicals they will stay on my credit even if I pay it off so that there wasn't any point 😑
Google the HIPAA Letter Process follow it exactly as laid out. If you have problems finding the website or any questions PM me. No one else is going to be able to do more for these collections than you.
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