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lvnv updating dispute

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lvnv updating dispute

i recently did a 3rd dispute on an account with lvnv. the account was listed as disputed on all three credit reports. last month i did another dispute saying the account was not mine and the information listed did not match up and asked again that the account be removed. i asked for two validations in the past but lvnv did not provide anything.


on the most recent dispute i stated that the account was not mine and the dates did not match up. it stated that the account was due to be removed in june 2013 but it was well over the 7 year mark to be removed anyway besides not being mine. so i disputed both.


lvnv's reponse was that the account has been UPDATED because "it must be mine if i disputed it",,, their exact words.


can they do this?


after the first two disputes all they did was list it as being disputed.

after this dispute they changed it to updated and added dec 12 collection.


what i  was disputing is that they had a collection disputed and date of deliquency is  longer than date to removed.... incorrect information.


did they just change the dates and start another 7 years? can they do that?

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Re: lvnv updating dispute

If not yours, have you included a police report with the dispute? That should have removed it.

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