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mcm success

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Re: mcm success

Can you please send me the contact!

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Re: mcm success

I know this thread is old, but could you send me the contact info.


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Re: mcm success

If anyone still has this, I would appreciate it.


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Re: mcm success

I would greatly appreciate that contact info as well!!

Starting Score: 594 (Equifax FICO 7/30/12) 622 (Transunion FICO 7/30/12) 608 (Experian Lender Pull)
Current Score: 747 (EQ) 695 (TU) ? (EX)

Goal Score: 700s in all 3 bureaus

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Re: mcm success

I'd like the information as well if possible please.

Starting Score: 7/12 545 EX (PSECU)
Current Score: 689 EX (PSECU) / EQ 697 / TU 703
Goal Score: 750

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Re: mcm success

Please pm contact info.  I just dealt with them. They haven't reported and won't for 45 days...even if I pay. I'm hoping to pre-empt their reporting. 


Starting Score:EQ 586 TU 527 EX 532
Current Score: EQ 655 TU 668 EX 669
Goal Score: 760- Last app 9/11/17

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Re: mcm success

Can anyone PM the info? Thanks

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Re: mcm success

MCM clearly needs its own forum !!!!:smileysurprised:

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Re: mcm success

Congrad,I just got off the phone with them and I was willing to pay the complete balance to have the entry deleted off credit report, and the man said they have a policy that they do not delete anything off the credit report, I ask to speak to a manager and she said the manager will tell me the same thing so he transfer me to an answer machine.  Please send me the contact informatioin.  By the way the account is schedule to fall off May 2006, put please PM me the information and once again CONGRAD!!!

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