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mcm success

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mcm success

Well my toughest quest is finished.  Just got off of a phone call where a printed letter of release for full deletion from CRA's is on the way to my house.  MCM is a tough nut to crack, but when you find a solid contact kill em with kindness and keep working weekly.  My quest started with a e-mail to the CEO, and trickled from there. Last baddie gone!  I was set to apply for a mortgage, but now I think I will wait!  Once I get this letter I will share my contct info so pm away. 

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Re: mcm success

Great news! Keep us posted! Smiley Happy

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Re: mcm success

Yes, please keep us posted. I literally just got off the phone with MCM. I paid 2 collections over 2 years ago. One of them I was able to get deleted in August 2011, the other is paid in full and is still being reported as a collection as of December 2011.

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Re: mcm success

Congrats buddy. The same here, keep me updated. 

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Re: mcm success

Congrats...def keep us updated. I sent a pfd email to the CEO on Monday for a charged off credit one acct...fingers and toes crossed Smiley Tongue

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Re: mcm success

Congrats! Will you please PM me the email address for the CEO? Thanks in advance!
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Re: mcm success

hey, PM me who you contacted? I have PLENTY of contacts and want to see if they are the same... 

My credit journey has completed. I am currently sitting at 800+ across the board.

I started my journey here years ago, and thanks to MyFico, it really is possible.
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Re: mcm success

I would love that info when you get around to sharing it.

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Re: mcm success

Hello Everyone!


I am kind of new to this forum but MCM has been a nightmare for me as well.  I have a settle for less collection reporting on all 3 CRAs that I need removed.  Do you mind PM'ing me your contact info?  And I was also wondering what your email to the CEO stated?  Thanks guys!  These forums are the absolute BEST!

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Re: mcm success

Congrats......I hope!!!


After it goes away I would love to have the contact.


Good Luck

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