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midland and sears sucess

Re: midland and sears sucess

We had success with Midland earlier this year.  I thought it was going to be a drama, because they were reporting as late every month, on a collection account that was sent to them a few years ago.  The amount was wrong, we tried disputing but didn't get anywhere and they continued to report.  We are trying to get a house this year so needed to get it off, so decided to PFD.  When we called to get the information (yes I realize we should have been doing it all in writing) they told us they couldn't speak to us, that the account had been sent to their "legal" dept..  They gave me a number for them, we called them....they said it had been sent to another credit collection agency called Leading Edge Recovery.  We got their contact info, made a deal with them, and paid it.  They told us it would come off our credit.  A few weeks went by with no deletion, during that period they reported late yet again.  We called Leading Edge, got a letter in writing from them, called MCM who finally agreed to speak to us, faxed them the letter from Leading Edge.  A few days later....Gone!  I was so excited!  We actually had success with getting all of the ones we paid deleted within a two month period and raise my husbands credit score from the 580s in January, to 676-691 in May on all three.  We are trying to get a Rural Development loan and needed a 640 as our lowest number, so we are finally ready to apply!

Thanks to you guys and all your advice!

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Re: midland and sears sucess

I have two accounts with them that I would like to get rid of ASAP as they are currently increasing the balance every month on both accounts. Can you PM me the email address you used for Midland as well?

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Re: midland and sears sucess

i just recently send a DV to Mldland like a week ago, we'll see how it goes.


Tracy5544, can you PM me the address that you used?

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Re: midland and sears sucess

I would like to know if someone can PM me contact information for Midland. I have 2 accounts with them I would like to see if they will work with me on a deletion. 


I appreciate any help.



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Re: midland and sears sucess

Can someone PM me that email address too please?

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Re: midland and sears sucess

could you please pm midland email. thanks
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Re: midland and sears sucess

Really old post.  I'd start a new thread on here and ask for the info.

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