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mortgage dispute, HELP!

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mortgage dispute, HELP!

I don't know what to do anymore, I need help! I have been disputing with American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. (a debt collector for former American Home Mortgage) about a past due balance.  AHMSI says I'm behind two months, but I have not missed a payment and their records (account history I requested from them) and my records (bank account statements showing payments) shows that I am current.  They refuse to work with me, and my credit is negatively impacted, I just got denied a mortgage loan.  I wrote to them back in July 2010 and did not receive a response.  Last I talked to them, the rep said the dispute case has been closed.  They are not willing to work with me, and just want me to pay up.  I don't want to pay, because I never missed a payment.  In fact, I've made an extra payment.  I now also suspect how AHMSI distributes my payments and how they handle my account. Please help!

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Re: mortgage dispute, HELP!

Take a different approach.  call them up and ask for help.  Something like, "I am confused.  Your company says I am behind two months on my payments.  When I reviewed your records that a great customer service rep previously mailed to me, and compared it to my records, they matched.  I know I must be missing something here because I have not been able to find the missing two months.  Will you help please??"   Then shut up.  Dont' say another word!


Sometimes this approach allows the person to comb through things with you, realize they made a mistake, and take corrective action.


You have already said you were confused.


You asked for help.


You complimented the customer service department.


It opens the door for co-oporative help.  Smiley Happy

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Re: mortgage dispute, HELP!

Even though they appear to be corporately connected, under the FDCPA, you are dealing with an OC and a debt collector.

You dont become delinquent with a debt collector.  Your mortgage payment agreement is with the OC, not the debt collector.

I think you may be arguing wth the wrong party.

Did the OC post any delinquencies to your CR?  If so, an FCRA dispute might be appropriate.

If they have referred the debt for collection, even if internal, that implies that the accunt was closed.  I am confused as to how delinquencies can be contiuing to accure on a closed account.

Can you explain the scenario in a litle more detail?

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